Throne of Eldraine Challenge League Starts October 4th!


Magic Challenge League –Throne of Eldraine

October 4 – January 14

  • Play in any of these events and you’re in the League!
  • Keep up with Standings – Top 10 – Facebook list updated weekly on Tuesday


Earn League Points when you play:                 Bonus Prize Promo Packs (2 variations:)

1 Point – each time you play                                      1. “Premium” Promo Pack (All foils)

2 Points – each time you win a round                       2.  Promo Pack (No foils)

1 Point – Draw (per player)

3 Points – Participate in Brawl (Tuesdays)

3 Points – Thursdays: Win a Group Game Draft, or a Commander Game (Results must be reported by 10pm)


Double Point Events – award “Premium” (all foil) Promo Packs

Date:                    Sign up to play:                   Event:

Oct. 5-6           11am – Noon               Draft Weekend  (1 Premium Promo Pack per 8-person pod)


Oct. 26            between 12 & 4pm     Brawl Weekend Event (Details TBA)

Nov. 30            11am – Noon              2 Headed Giant Sealed – Throne of Eldraine*

Dec. 28            11am – Noon              Holiday Sealed – Throne of Eldraine**

Jan. 4               11am – 11:30              Standard Spectacular**

* 1st – 2nd Place Teams win “Premium” Promo Packs, additional promo packs awarded based on attendance

** 1st – 4th Place wins “Premium” Promo Packs, additional promo packs awarded based on attendance

Weekly events award “Promo Packs”

Promo Pack Prizes (8 player minimum): 1st Place wins a Promo Pack. An additional Promo pack will be awarded to the next finalist in line for every multiple of 6 additional players (beyond 8 min).

In addition, every tournament that has an Entry Fee awards either Booster Packs or Store Credit to top finishers, based on record.


  • Tuesdays        – Standard @6:30 (3-round max),  Brawl 5pm to close
  • Thursdays approx. 5pm – Group Game Drafts,  Commander
  • Friday Night Magic 7pm –Weekly: Draft & Commander. –Modern 1st, 3rd 5th –Legacy 2nd, 4th Fri.
  • Saturdays 11:30 am          – Sealed (10/12 – 11/9),  Draft (11/16 – 1/10)
  • Event Details on line: (Description, Prizes, Promotional give-a-way, & more


League Champion will be announced – Wednesday January 15

Awards:   3x “Premium Foil” Promo Packs  Entry into Magic Prerelease (Jan 17-19)

  • Trophy*  • Your Name “immortalized” on the Dream Wizards Challenge League Board                                                      * Thank you to Mike and  A1 Uniform Sales Company, Brentwood MD




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