Prelude to War


It’s almost time to start our brand new Warhammer 40K league, and Doug has the rundown of the details.


Hello once again friends, it’s Doug “Two Scoops” Maclure.  I am writing up this short article to tell you about the Warhammer 40K league that we are starting up on the 6th of April. The league, which I am calling Prelude to War is what I am hoping to be one of many seasonal leagues that we are going to be doing during the course of the year. So let me give you all the details on the structure of our first league.

In Prelude to War, the idea is to build your forces up, from small skirmishes of a few units to more sizable battles. The league will be running from April 6th to the 11th of May, with Wednesday nights being the feature nights for games. That does not mean you can’t play other times, but all league games need to played in the shop, and you can call ahead to see if there is space open for your matches on non-mini nights.  There will be at least two guaranteed tables set aside for league play every Wednesday, with the exception of April 6th and the 11th of May due to the monthly X-Wing tournament we also host. During the season, your armies point allotment will increase based off the following schedule below.

Weeks 1&2 (4/6 to 4/19) 750 point build

Weeks 3 & 4 (4/20-5/3) 1250 point build

Weeks 5 & 6 (5/4-5/17) 1750 point build

All army builds will be built as Battle-Forged armies, so no Unbound armies in this league. So you must follow the guidelines and rule composition of your army’s most recently published codex.  Also to keep with the concept of the escalation league you must stay with the same army throughout the league.  So if you register with a Necron army at the start, you can’t switch to a Dark Eldar army halfway through.  In cases in armies such as the Dark Angels for example, if you want to start the army as a normal Dark Angels Space Marine army, but as the league goes along turn into all Deathwing force, you can. You are not stuck using the same units throughout the whole league, you just need to stay within that army. Allies and battle brothers are also legal, but there are a few rules that are going to be in place for the league. There will be no Imperial Knights or “Super Heavies” allowed in this league. In future leagues we can reevaluate them, but frankly facing off against an Imperial Knight at this scale of gaming, it feels a bit lopsided.  All models must be Games Workshop or Forge World models (that are set in the 40K ruleset, no Horus Heresy), and no proxies allowed.

Each time you play, you will be awarded points, and at the end of the league, the player/general who has the most points will be the winner.  If there is a tie, I will look over the win/loss record and then strength of games played. All scores will be recorded and handed to either your humble league leader, me, or one of the store staff if I am not around. I will post the leaderboard each following Tuesday on the Dream Wizard’s Facebook. So here are the scoring points below…

Win: 5 points

Draw: 3 points

Loss: 1 point

There are other ways to get points also. Some will be based off special weekly scenarios that you may or may not want to play.   Also there will be points awarded for buying a model kit from the store and painting it within the week. This will be recorded by me also, and will be added to that week’s tally once the models is shown painted to me. Here is the breakdown of other ways to gain points:

Playing the weekly scenario +2 points

Playing against someone for the first time in the league +1 point

Buying a new unit/vehicle and painting it for your army +2 points

Teaching the basics to a new hobbyist for the first time +4 points (must be in the store)

So how do you sign up for the Prelude to War Spring league? Well it will cost $10 dollars, and with that entry, you will be getting 15% off on all Games Workshop models during the course of the league.  After you play 5 games during the course of the week, you will be eligible to play in our Warhammer 40K tournament we are hosting on May 21st for free! If you are interested in attending that tournament, you need to tell me so I can save you a space since there will be limited openings.

If you have any more questions, please ask.  Since this is the store’s first 40K league in a long time, I will be glad to listen to any suggestions.  So if you are beginner or a veteran, I hope that Prelude of War will not only provide some great games, but also build up our community of great minis players in this area. Now time to start working on my Dark Angels…




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Doug Maclure
General Manager at Dream Wizards
Doug is the store manager at Dream Wizards. He's an avid Games Workshop fan and plays Magic, Game of Thrones, X-Wing, Heroclix, Force of Will, Dungeons and Dragons, and more. Doug is also a connoisseur of fine single-malt scotch.