Dream Wizards Announces Our Next Yu-Gi-Oh Regional Tournament!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional Tournament
Saturday, August 24 2019
Official Konami qualifier – North American National Championship

Location: Laurel Racetrack Ballroom “Laurel Park” (adjacent to Xanadu)
198 Race Track Road Laurel MD 20725 Free Parking
• 4.5 miles from Interstate 95
• 14 miles Southwest of Baltimore
• 7 miles North of College Park MD
Directions http://www.laurelpark.com/visitors/maps-directions

Registration: 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. Round 1 begins: 10 a.m.
Please arrive early enough before the Regional Qualifier is scheduled to start to ensure you will be properly registered for the tournament. The Registration line closes at 9:45 (15 minutes before the scheduled start time for Round 1). Duelists may register late for an event and will begin the event with a Round 1 Match Loss.

Seating capacity is 400+ players. Preregistration is not available. Admission will be first come, first served for players lined up to register. Judges will be available to check your deck list up until the start of Round 1.

What do I need to Register?
• A neatly completed Registration Form (please fill out in advance)
• A neatly completed Deck List (please fill out in advance)
• Picture ID (school ID, driver’s license, copy of birth certificate, passport)
• Registration fee – $20 Cash Only
• Pen, and paper to keep track of Life Totals
• Konami Player ID
Player ID Notes: • If you have a Konami player ID number, please bring it! . • Lost IDs – Staff will search Database & recover your Lost Player ID. • New Players will receive a free Konami Player ID at this event.

Deck Registration Required: You are required to hand in a completed Deck List prior to the start of Round 1.
Prepare your Deck List in advance using either the Official Form or any 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Include your Name, Player ID (if you have one) and list the quantity & name of all cards in your deck. (“Resources”, below)

Security: Police Officers and Laurel Park Security will remain on duty for the duration of the event. You must be both enrolled (registered) and currently participating in a tournament to be on the premises.
Otherwise the police reserve the right to escort you off property (hotel and parking lots), no matter how
far you’ve traveled. (Parents are always an exception to this rule.)

Tournament Description: Regional Qualifiers are modified Swiss Format tournaments. We will most likely play 9 Swiss rounds. Players may participate in all Swiss rounds, no matter if you win or lose.

• All players receive 5 packs for registering to play.
• Top 8 players receive a Regional Qualifier Game Mat.
• Top 4 players receive a Yu-Gi-Oh Regionals Deck Box, or other promotional items provided by Konami.
• A Regional with 300+ participating players awards 48 Invitations to the National Championship.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Duel
Registration: 1:30 to 2 pm, Free. Participants must be born in the calendar year
2006 or later. Players must show proof of age (school ID, copy of Birth Certificate or
Passport). This is an Advanced Format, Constructed event, and a Deck list is required.
Players earn Invitations to the Dragonduel World Championship and a YuGiOh Regional
Playmat. We must have a minimum of 4 players to run this event.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Regionals – Playmat Side Event (4 players required)
$8 per player (receive 2 packs). Playmat to 1st Place. Single Elimination Tournament.

• Konami’s Regional FAQ
Knowledge of this information is necessary to understand how to prepare for and enjoy the tournament:
• Registration Form
• Official Deck List (fillable)
• Forbidden and Limited List

Caution: Expensive Cards are a Target of Theft – Players may socialize and trade as they see fit. Trading conduct is not the responsibility of the Tournament staff. Think carefully about the safety of bringing card collections! Thieves target large collections, expensive cards. Focus 100% on your cards, especially if you hand them to someone for review. Beware: If your deck contains expensive cards you’ll need to be careful during the clean up phase – if you are distracted your opponent or a spectator may seize the opportunity to grab expensive cards.

Additional Questions?
Call Dream Wizards during store hours: (301)881-3530
Email the tournament organizer: laurel@dreamwizards.com
Website: www.dreamwizards.com




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