Dragon Ball Super Explodes With New Events


If you’ve been hanging around the store lately, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, a new trading card game from Bandai (Naruto CCG).  The game has exploded since its launch in July and become one of our more popular weekly events (we play on Sundays at 1pm, FYI).  It combines mechanics from some of my old favorites like the World of Warcraft TCG and Bleach TCG with the characters and designs of my all-time favorite anime franchise.  Yeah, I’m basic like that.

Anyway, the second set release is slated for next Friday and we’re celebrating with an amazing event happening next Sunday: the Union Force Case Tournament!

If you clicked on the link, you can check out the details of the event.  It’s looking pretty sweet and I’ve got interest from players all over – Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even New York!  I’m hoping to put on the best event possible, so if you’re at all interested in the game, you should check it out!

The gist of the event is as follows.  If the event gets 24 players, we’ll be giving away 12 booster boxes of the new set, Union Force, to the top 16 players.  If that number hits 32, I’m throwing in some promo cards to the top 24.  And finally, if we get 40 players, I’ll be throwing in a highly sought-after Tournament Kit Volume 1!  You can even open one of the slickest promo cards in the game!  Check it out!

Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku Promo
Super Shiny Super Saiyan 3!

On top of that, I’m giving away some sweet swag from my own collection including other promos and an exclusive set of card sleeves that I won at Gen Con this year!

So, if you’re interested in playing this hot new card game and winning some insane prizes, come check out this tournament on November 5th!  Also, come by the store any evening between now and next Friday and I’ll give you a demo so you can see if the game is right for you.

If you’re ready to play in this awesome tournament, you can pre-register by following the registration link here: Register Now!

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