Commander League

Dream Wizards Commander League Rules

Entry Fee: $5 per week

Start Date: July 2nd

End Date: September 24th


Play Commander every Saturday at Dream Wizards! Play for fun and prizes using an alternate scoring system that promotes fun gameplay over simply winning! The league’s first season will run every Saturday between July 2nd and September 24th. Each week, prizes will be awarded to the top point scorers for that week, and at the end of the season, additional prizes (to be announced) will be awarded to players with the top points total across the season.

The scoring system is as follows:


+2 Points per Elimination before the player’s 4th turn.

+3 Points per Elimination through regular win conditions.

+4 Points per Elimination through General Damage.

+5 Points per Elimination through dealing 21 General Damage in one turn.

Bonus Achievements

(Scored when they happen, but only ONE may be scored before the turn passes to another player, and each one may only be scored once per game)

1) Control any combination of 3 Non-Commander Legends and/or Planeswalkers at once. + 1 Point

2) Cast your commander from the command zone at least 3 times during the game. +1 Point

3) Deal at least 3 combat damage with the same creature with a power of 1. +1 Point

4) Control 5 Non-Token creatures of the same type at one time. +1 Point

5) Have 3 or more Equipment and/or Aura cards “attached” to any one creature + 1 Point

6) “Remove” 3 or more of your opponent’s different typed non-Commander cards during the game. +1 Point

7) “Remove” 4 or more of your opponent’s non-land permanents in one turn. +1 Point

(Note for 6 and 7: “Remove” means to destroy, return to hand or deck, or exile by card effect.)

8) Use an opponent’s card. +1 Point

9) Be the first, or in the same turn as the first, person eliminated from the game. +1 Point

10) “Save” an opponent from losing the game. +1 Point

Note: Game loss cannot be caused by interfering player. Point awarded to all Saved and Saver.

11) End the game without searching your library for anything but a basic land +1 Point

House Rules

1) Gold-Bordered Cards:

Gold-Bordered cards printed by Wizards of the Coast are allowed for Commander League. If these cards are used they must be sleeved.

2) Concessions are allowed only in the following instances:

– A combination of cards has been presented that makes it “impossible” for any other players to win the game.

-A combination of cards has been presented that allows any action to be done 3 or more times consecutively without a foreseeable end.

– If 2 players remain, a player may concede if the current board state makes the game unwinnable.

*Most importantly: Please call a TO if you plan to concede.*

3) Unsportsman-like Conduct:

The Tournament Organizer reserves all rights and privileges to punish players to his discretion for unsportman-like conduct including but not limited to cheating, fighting (verbally and non-verbally), slow-play, and collusion. Any concerns of this nature should be taken up with the TO immediately.

4) Player Responsibility:

It is the player’s responsibility to keep accurate and timely records of the proper scoring for himself and his competition during the round. Scoring includes all points, life totals, and other numerical parts of the game state. The player is to be aware of all tournament a policies; The rules sheet being considered sufficient notice for all tournament policies. Once the final call for scoring during a round has been made there will be no alterations of any kind made to the scoring.

Additional achievements may be added and existing ones may be altered as the league progresses. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

If you have any questions, please talk to Tyler at Dream Wizards, or contact him at: or on Twitter @pavlovianMTG