Aether Revolt Bundle League

Start Date: January 21st

End Date: March 4th

Entry Fee: Purchase an Aether Revolt Bundle, then $5 per week for 6 total weeks.  $5 weekly fee includes 1 booster pack.



Join us at Dream Wizards for the third season of our Bundle Sealed League!  Back by popular demand, the Bundle Sealed League (formerly called the Fat Pack League) lets players play super-powered sealed Magic using the brand new Aether Revolt set and win prizes!  The rules are simple.  Purchase a Bundle and use the booster packs inside to build a 40-card sealed deck.  Then, play games with other league members to win prizes!  The league itself will begin January 21st (week 1), when each player will build and register their deck.  From that point, just play games!  Points will be scored based on wins and losses, with each player able to play one match against each person in the League every week!


League Rules

The League will begin January 21st with deck construction.  Each player who signs up for the league will receive their Bundle and a deck registration sheet.  In order to offer a better Sealed experience, players will be able to trade up to 5 of their Aether Revolt packs from their Bundle for Kaladesh packs.  This will allow players to construct a deck using strategies that cross through both sets of the Kaladesh block.  Players will build a 40-card deck (including basic lands) and register it.  All other cards in your pool will be considered your sideboard.  Pools will be labeled with players’ names and kept at Dream Wizards.

League weeks will begin on Sundays and end on Saturdays at close of business.  At the end of each league week, points will be totaled and posted on our Facebook page.  There are four scheduled League Days: every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  These League Days are days where we encourage players to come in to the store and play their League matches.  League matches can be played on any day during regular store hours, but the weekends tend to have a higher number of Magic players playing.  In addition, each active player will pay $5 dues to remain in the league and receive one booster pack to add to their deck.  Booster packs will only be given to active league players.  This means that if players want to be considered active for the week, they need to pay the $5 fee for that week.  Weekly booster packs will be given out using the following schedule:

Week 2: Aether Revolt

Week 3: Aether Revolt

Week 4: Kaladesh

Week 5: Aether Revolt

Wek 6: Kaladesh

Players can play as many matches as they like during any given week.  Whenever a player would like to play league matches, all they have to do is retrieve their pool and play!  Players can earn league points for the first match they play against each player in the league.  After that, players can earn “tiebreaker points”, used to determine league standing at the end of a League week.  Players can only earn points for the first match they win against any opponent.  If a player does not play all available matches in a week, they may not make up matches for that week once a new week begins.



Every time a player wins a match against an opponent for the first time each week, they will receive 2 points.  A player who loses their first match against an opponent each week will still receive 1 point.  Any additional matches played will award 1 tiebreaker point for a win and 0 for a loss.



We’re giving away SO MANY PRIZES!  We’re changing up how we’re giving out prizes this time around, and prizes will be announced soon.  Keep checking back for more info.


League Policies

Games played for the League may only be played in Dream Wizards during business hours.  When a player would like to play League games, all they have to do is retrieve their pool and play!  League games cannot delay the start of any regularly scheduled event (such as FNM, a draft, PPTQs, etc).  Games may not start during the last 30 minutes that the store is open.  Any game found in violation of these rules is subject to termination and must be voided or rescheduled.  Trading cards from your sealed pool is not allowed. You may drop from the league at any time if you’d like to claim your pool.  Cards may not be removed (or added) to pools at any time if a player is still active in the league.  Sealed pools will be randomly verified each week.  League members with multiple violations of these policies and/or other rules violations will be subject to removal from the league.


Late Participation

If you would like to enter the league during the second or third weeks, you can!  You’ll be allowed to make up your missed matches during the duration of the league (either 5 or 10 matches depending on how many weeks missed).  The points earned in these make-up matches will count towards your overall league total, but not your current week’s point totals.



Q:  Do I have to play the same deck I registered each week?

A:  No.  You can change your deck as much as you would like between games and matches, as long as you do not add or remove any cards from your pool.

Q:  How do tiebreaker points work?

A:  Tiebreaker points are a second point total that will be used to determine standing for those players with the same league point total.  As an example: Tyler plays his 5 league matches and has 4 league points.  He then wins an additional 5 matches, giving him an additional 5 tiebreaker points.  Doug also has 4 league points for the week, but wins 8 additional matches, giving him 8 tiebreaker points.  At the end of the week, Tyler and Doug are tied with league points, but Doug gets first place because he has more tiebreaker points than Tyler.

Q:  I entered the league on week 3.  How long do I have to make up my missed league matches?

A:  If you enter late, you will have the rest of the league duration to make up any missed games.  That being said,  league matches will be awarded based on the following hierarchy: 1) Current week’s matches 2) Make-up matches 3) Additional tiebreaker matches.  Please note you may forego any make-up matches for tiebreaker matches if you’d like.

Q:  Are Dream Wizards employees allowed to participate?

A: Yes.  Dream Wizards employees will be participating in the league, however they will not be eligible for prizes.

Q:  When will the final prizes be awarded?

A:  The final League day, March 5th, will be award day.  All outstanding prizes will be awarded at that time and players will be expected to be present to collect prizes.  If you are unable to make the final day, let us know and we will accommodate you.  Final league standings will be posted the day before (March 4th) on our Facebook page.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Tyler in the store or at or on Twitter @TylerSellsMagic